Gelato – the Base of the Food Pyramid!

Gelato Sign

I don’t know how they make this stuff. I go to stores where that claim they have it. I try it. I am deeply disappointed. Only in Italy do them make the real thing. And it is simply remarkable! I have no idea what their secrets are, but I am sure there is some magic to it. Two of my sons are lactose intolerant, and yet they ate and ate and ate Gelato and thrived. My eldest son holds the tour record for 23 in one day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack – it doesn’t matter.

San Gimingiano Gelato

The Gelato flavors are nearly surreal. From Chocolate to Kiwi to Pistachio to Rice (Riso – my favorite) to any fruit you can imagine and some you can’t, it is a divine delight. So when in Italy dive in. Look over the amazing variety. Be daring and adventurous. There is more to life than chocolate and vanilla (although I always have some). Then, when you come home and go the ice cream aisle of you supermarket you will pause, look rather sad, and utter a forlorn sigh. Gelato – the foundation of the Mediterranean Diet!!!!!!

Bostone Gelato

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