Grand Tour of Europe 2016!

Crossing the Atlantic on the Way to Europe

Where is this plane headed, you ask? Why, it is headed to Rome, Italy! Yes, cruising northwest out of New England across the Atlantic and on down to Rome! And you can hop on board as our 2016 Grand Tour of Europe gets underway! Come join us on Wednesday night the 28th of October for our next pre-trip meeting. Come find out how our tours are very different from the big company package tours. Come find out how your experience with us will be more educational, more remarkable, more fun, and a better value for your dollar than the other options out there.

Our next pre-trip meeting will be in room #1802 at Davis High School at 7:30 P.M. You’ll see what 32 trips across the atlantic can do to fine tune a group itinerary, provide full value, and get you so very excited about touring Europe! You’ll see why people keep coming back again and again, why they tell their neighbors to go with us, and why you should consider it as well.


Italy, Germany, France and England await! Check out the link below to our detailed itinerary to see all of the wonderful things we are going to see and do together during our 2016 tour. It promises to be a spectacular journey full of art, food and fun. I hope to see you on Wednesday night the 28th!

Grand Tour of Europe 2016 Detailed Itinerary

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