I Wonder What’s Behind That Door?

When I travel I of course take along a camera. I think photography helps you see things differently, helps you think and imagine. I also find that I like to photograph certain things a lot. I can’t pass up someone I see reading a book without trying to get a good picture of them. And I love photographing people who are photographing something else! I particularly love photographing doors.


Blue Door in LympstoneThey come in so many shapes and sizes, so many colors, so many textures. I have a whole collection of door photographs. And whenever I open up that file and idle away some time looking at them I end up pausing at one of them and wonder to myself where that door leads. All the doors I have photographed lead somewhere. There is a place beyond each of them. To me that serves as a metaphor for travel itself. By leaving home and going somewhere you have never been you are opening one of those doors and stepping through. You man have had a pretty good idea of what is behind that door, but until you push it open you won’t really know. Behind it are the sight, the smells, the sounds, the people, the places that so far have been only of your imagination. Walk on in and it becomes very real. So, I wonder what is behind these doors? Tell you what, come along with me in June 2013 and we’ll find out together!Lovely in Lympstone

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