Kelly’s Experience

My guided tours of Europe are heavy on Art History, ancient and modern culture, and all of the sights, smells and sounds of all Europe has to offer!

 Colosseum Panorama

My tours are NOT the typical coach tour – load up the bus and drive by the Colosseum. Most definitely NOT that kind of tour. I believe Europe is best experienced up close and personal, on your own two feet. Sure we will use a nice motor coach to get us from town to town, but once there we explore on our feet, walking and hiking through every nook and cranny we can get ourselves into.

You can’t experience the real Europe through a double pane of glass! You have to get off the bus and on your feet. You have to talk to the locals, eat where they eat, shop where they shop. You have to get away from the tourists sometimes! The sights, the sounds, the smells await the adventurous. So we spend our time walking. It’s the only real way to experience Europe. You need to be in good shape. We can easily walk eight miles a day, with plenty of hills and stairs along the way.

DDay Veteran

I don’t like the Ugly American – the tourist who goes to Europe expecting Europe to be like home. Just stay home if that is your expectation. You travel to broaden your horizons, not confirm them. So don’t come with us if you are the kind of traveler who insists that everyone you meet speak English, that every toilet you use has five gallons of water in it, that every hotel room is the scale of rooms in the US. On my tours we try to live like the locals, be a part of their life for a while, and not insist that they live like us or treat us like we are at home.

I also believe in scheduling plenty of free time for you to explore Europe on your own terms, at your own pace. I couldn’t abide a tour that was scheduled every minute of every day, and I don’t think that sort of thing is good travel. You need time on your own to explore what YOU want to explore, sit at a café and people watch, go back and spend more time in that museum. I put a premium on scheduling free time for you. If you don’t like this idea then you probably won’t like my tours. But if this appeals to you . . . !!!

My trips are non-smoking. Period. And you had better be twenty- one years of age if you intend to drink alcohol, and then you’ll drink responsibly. We don’t need to put up with someone who is drunk.

So if you are adventurous, in good shape, and want to really dive into the culture of Europe, then you’ll love my tours. We have a great time together!

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