So our first meeting for the 2013 Grand Tour of Europe was going well, until the question of why I dropped our four days in Germany and Switzerland from the tour came up! As I explained the increase in airline tickets and how much the cost had gone up my intrepid travelers rose in rebellion and demanded a vote on the issue! Bowing to the will of the masses I have now put together a post-trip option (can I just add here how thrilled I am!) to Switzerland and Germany! So if you sign up for this option what are you going to get? Let me show you!


The Trail

This is one thing you are going to get, one of the most spectacular hikes you will ever enjoy in you life! We take a cog wheel train up the side of the mountain to a peak overlooking Interlaken and then hike the ridge trail as long as we want! We pack a picnic lunch and make a day of it! The view of the three great peaks, the Eiger, the Munch, and the Jungfrau (the young girl protected from the Ogre by the Monk!) are wonderful, the wildflowers are spectacular, and everything about the alps here in Interlaken is nearly indescribable!


View of Interlaken


SNow Covered Peaks



Alp Horns


And did I mention the local traditional culture?  I’ll tell you what – travel with your eyes and senses open and your life can be enriched beyond measure!

After a couple of days in Switzerland we are off to Oberammergau in Bavaria, southern Germany! I LOVE staying at the Hotel Wittelsbach in the lovely village of Oberammergau! The owners of the hotel are the children of the former owners who welcomed me and my groups when I first started traveling 25 years ago, and their hospitality is unmatched!

Hotel Wittlesbach


We will spend two delightful days traveling across Bavaria, visiting Linderhof and Neuschwanstein, the palace and castle of the last King of Bavaria, King Ludwig. Both are memorable, beautiful, romantic, and the natural surroundings of each are without compare. Plus you’ll get to hang out in Oberammergau a bit!

Hanging at Neuschwanstein


Christmas Market


Alps Wow!


So as far as revolts and insurrections go, this is one I welcome with all my heart! Viva la Revolucion!

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