Keeping to the Shady Side of the Street

Shady as in keeping out of the Roman sun! It has turned hot this week in Rome, and hiking the seven hills in the midday blaze can be a chore. But there is usually a shady side of the street you can keep to, the funky Roman water fountains where you can refill your water bottle, and of course Gelati! Slow your pace, let it all soak in, and Rome in the heat is as great as any time of year!


One way to beat the heat is to get up early and enjoy a morning stroll well before the tourist hordes roll about of bed and form their long lines at all the major sights. Get up early enough and you can watch Rome go to work – the hard working folks at the open air markets are great fun to mingle with as they set up their fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers for the morning markets.


So get up early, drink lots of water, slow down your pace, stay to the shady side of the street, and you’ll love Rome whatever the weather!


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