Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and DaughtersFor the past few years there have been a lot of mothers and daughters come along on our tours. My wife and I only had sons so the whole daughter business is terra incognita to me, but I have noticed the wonderful relationships between moms and their girls as I have traveled with them through Europe. There is a bond between them that traveling together in this wonderful place only deepens.

At the Seine

Tuscany Jill

It’s not that the daughter knows mom has the credit card! Yes, they do have fun shopping I suppose, but it is the experience they share. They get to tell each other right then and there about the wonders they are seeing, about the feelings a great work of art inspires, about the sights and sounds and smells of Europe that they love ( and the things they don’t!) They get to share some invaluable time together away from home and work and school and husbands and boys. They share the trill of travel and the thrill of being together.

So for the moms and daughters out there who are wishing for some seriously quality time together before the inexorable march of time takes you away from one another, think about three weeks in Europe on our 2012 Grand Tour. If you ask me, or better yet if you ask the moms and daughters who have come over the years, I think you’ll get an enthusiastic two thumbs up!


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  1. This is very true. My relationship with my mom while in high school was not good to say the least. I was not ecstatic about traveling with her for 3 weeks. However, while on this trip I bonded with my mom and the experiences that I shared with her and the memories we made I will always treasure. Thanks Kelly!!!

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