Expect the Unexpected

Pigeons eating off the top of your head. I’d say that was unexpected! And it is the unexpected that enlivens any trip through Europe. On our tours we actually seek out the unexpected. Sure, we see all of the wonderful things that you must see on a tour of Europe, and we love them and are thrilled by them. But we also seek out those “moments” that give a spark to travel that makes it all so memorable.

Take the time to admire the street performs that are everywhere in Europe. Some are seriously legit, like this guy in Paris.

Swiss Cheese

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Interlaken was filled with the foul smell of this cheese, but on a dare we tried it. Surprise! It was absolutely delicious! Honest!

German dude

Chat it up with the locals. You’ll learn a lot about the people and places that you would not learn otherwise.

So seek out and enjoy the unexpected. Don’t get caught in the typical tourist trap of only seeing the major sights. Get out, get looking, have fun!

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It’s Not All Serious Sightseeing

Fun in NeuschwansteinTravel can be serious business. There is a lot to see, a lot to learn, a lot to experience. It can get intense in places like Rome or Paris, and you have to take time in places like that to just sit once in a while and watch the city go by. But travel is not all intense and serious all the time. Once in a while you just need to cut loose!

Tripin!Europe is, after all, FUN! And in the midst of all there is to learn and see and do, don’t forget that you are there to have a great time! You’ll probably forget a lot of the names and dates and stuff like that, but you’ll never forget the moments when you had great fun! So keep that in mind as you plan to come along with us in 2012. We’ll be some serious travelers alright, but I guarantee you we are going to have FUN!

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