Take a Break in Fiesole

It is hot in Florence today. 92 degrees with the regular humidity. And it is high season for tourists. If the crowds and the heat get you down, head up to Fiesole for a delightful escape! Centuries of Etruscans and Romans did this very thing!

Bus #7 from Piazza San Marco will have you there in 125 minutes, out of the crowded city and among the pince scents and honeysuckle of this delightful hilltop town.

At the end of the line hop off in the main piazza. You’ll see a street heading steeply up hill at the very bottom of the piazza with signs directing you toward Chiesa San Francesco. Head up there, and you your way stop at view terrace for a spectacular panoramic of Florence lying below in all it’s glory.

imageJust up hill is San Francesco, a delightful little church with its art still in place (not in a museum). From the front door cross the grass to an exit and head downhill to the left, then right to Fiesole’s hillside cemetery. Check it out.



From there continue downhill to the right and then up to the entrance to the archaelogical park. Inside you’ll see an impressively intact Roman Amphitheatre, still used, that used to seat 2,000 spectators!


Wandering the park you’ll find the barest ruins of and Etruscan and a Roman Temple, and a Roman bath complex.



But while you are hear check out the site – between two hills and overlooking a deep valley with hills beyond covered in vineyards and olive orchards. It is a natural air conditioner, with this delightful breeze always blowing. Linger. Enjoy. You’ll be back down in the heat and the crowds soon enough.

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