Welcome to the 2016 Grand Tour of Europe!  

Payment information can be found at the TSA website here.



You are going to LOVE this trip – I guarantee it! Our tour is so much more than the typical group tours you can find out there. Most group tours have much of their sightseeing as optional side trips that you pay for on site. Not ours! Everything you see in the detailed itinerary below is included in the price of the trip, and it is personally guided by me. You will see so much more, learn so much more, experience so much more on our tour than on any of those big catalog tours out there. This will be my 27th  year of guiding groups though Europe, and all that experience goes into the planing of every detail of our itinerary. It is a custom tour, not some big company package trip. It is a real, personal, intimate trip to some of the greatest places in Europe. You will have me as your personal guide every step of the way. And, you will absolutely LOVE the people you will travel with!!!MKL_2125

And back by popular demand is full two days in Normandy for 2016! It is the 72nd anniversary of D-Day, the invasion by allied forces of Normandy that led to the Defeat of Nazi Germany and the end of World War Two. We will spend a night in Normandy, giving us a lot more time to see the sights of the D-Day invasion and enjoy the French countryside including Mount St. Michelle. Plus we will take an overnight ferry to England and see Stonehenge and Bath, spending a night there, then on to London! I am so excited for this part of the tour!JK2_8904

So check out the pricing details for the 2016 Grand Tour of Europe. You will get your money’s worth! It will be the time of your life!!!

Price includes all lodging, transportation, entrance fees, tips and taxes and gratuities, all breakfasts, and 10 wonderful dinners of local cuisine. It is an all inclusive price – no surprises!

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  1. I teach the Orchestras & Humanities at Mtn. Ridge Jr. High and the Orchestras at Lone Peak High School. I would love to join you as a chaperone/participant if possible. Italy has so much to offer a musician, it would be wonderful to be a part of this art history tour as well. I’m hoping to go when the Rome LDS Temple is open, so my plans may have to wait for 2015. I do like the additional items on the itinerary for this year, but I’m hoping you’ve got one more year in you. I’m in my 24th year of teaching this year, and am thinking that this tour would be the perfect retirement benefit in 2015! Let me know what your plans are for the future, and if I could participate.

    • Hi Janice,

      I have updated the website with the 2016 stuff. Our first pre-trip meeting is this Wednesday the 23rd of September at 7:30 P.M. in room #1802 at Davis High Scool. I hope you can come.


    • Hello Craig,

      We will have our first meeting on Wednesday the 23rd of September at 7:30 P.M. in room #1802 at Davis High School. I hope you can make it!


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